Call for blog posts!

We are looking for submissions to our blog project about social work and disability, located at We aim to hold space for disabled social workers and social work students to discuss their experiences in the field. You can read more about the purpose of the blog on this page. Topics that have been addressed include but certainly are not limited to self determination, the dignity of risk, medical/social models of disability, and ableism in various practice settings, including child welfare and substance use disorder treatment. We are looking for fresh perspectives as well as personal stories from disabled social workers.  

Though the blog definitely welcome submissions from anyone, I want to be especially mindful of my privileged position as a white, cisgender, straight, disabled woman and intentionally elevate the voices of queer and/or trans BIPOC disabled writers–though I recognize that my whiteness may affect how this project is received and how many QT and/or BIPOC disabled people decide to submit posts. 

We regret that we do not have funds to compensate contributors for their time and emotional labor at this point, as we are a team of two women doing this project in our free time with no outside funding. 

If you are interested in writing a blog post for our project, feel free to contact us at

Elspeth Slayter

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